Items that Can Jumpstart Your Scrap Metal Income

One source of income that is becoming increasingly popular with some people is scrap metal. If you have a scrap metal company near you, then you already have one of the most important things you need for this type of income. If you think you are ready to start a scrap metal collecting and reselling business, here are some items that can jumpstart your business and are easy to find.

Washers and Dryers 

Washers and dryers are the easiest way for you to build your scrap metal income. Most people will allow you to haul off their broken washers and dryers for free. In some cases, you can build an entire scrap metal buying and reselling business from these appliances alone. To do this, you can offer a small amount of money for each broken appliance. Many people are looking to make money or to simply have the items hauled off for new items to take their place. Keep in mind that some scrap metal companies will want you to remove plastic tubs from the washing machines before you bring them to sell.

Lawn Scraps

There are many lawn furniture items that can be considered scrap when they are broken. For example, wrought iron metal tables and chairs can be sold for scrap. You can also sell steel items such as outdoor storage items or pieces of old steel and metal roofing. Many homeowners who are renovating their property and landscape will have these items for free on the curb for pickup. Look for these items in your local town ads or on social media. These are usually free, easy to pick up and usually plentiful at the beginning of spring and summer seasons where outdoor items are being replaced for landscaping curb appeal.

Construction Scraps

Construction sites, especially those operated by smaller contractors, will have large amounts of metal fabrication scraps. These can be from roofs, drainage ditches and from other aspects of the buildings they are working with. You can reach out to these companies and offer a haul off service. This can be offered at a discount while still giving you the scrap metal you need to sell to a scrap metal company.

These are just a few of the items that can jumpstart your scrap metal buying and reselling company. When you are ready to get started, begin by collecting these basic three items. Once you have collected them, take them to your local scrap metal yard. They will weigh in the items and pay you based on the current rate for the specific metals in the items. If you will be doing this often, such as weekly, let the scrap metal company know. They can schedule a time for you to deliver your items to avoid waiting or having reduced time to have your items appraised and approved.