How to Classify Different Forms of Scrap Metal For Recycling

Most people already know the significance of recycling scrap metal. However, making the most out of scrap metals that aren't correctly sorted is difficult. The recycler will not sort the items to ensure you get the best value. Due to this, you will end up making less, which is discouraging if you intended to make a substantial amount of money. So, whether you want to recycle scraps to make extra money, have opened a scrap metal business, or you're erecting a structure using recycled scrap metal, it is essential to know and identify your metals. Here are some types of scraps you should know to discern the right scraps you need for your project or to make more money.


One of the popular metals that are recycled today thanks to its usefulness is aluminium. Some of the items you can get if you need aluminium include glass window and door frames, food wrap foils, food and beverage cans, roofing sheets and certain electrical appliances like air conditioners.

Stainless steel

Another common metal you will find as scrap is stainless steel. Usually, this metal is used to manufacture food-grade products or appliances. Most trays, sinks, cooking pots, plates, spoons and other types of appliances are usually made of stainless steel because it doesn't rust. So, if you are renovating your kitchen, be sure to set aside the stainless steel appliances, trays and sink. The pricing for these scraps is usually reasonable, but you have to ensure the scraps aren't magnetic to fetch a reasonable price.


The use of copper in the manufacturing and construction sectors has been increasing and is one of the primary reasons why copper scraps fetch a great price thanks to their value. You can find copper in your appliances, wiring, home décor, sinks, statues, old roof accents and plumbing systems.


Everyone knows how valuable gold is. This is one of the reasons why scraps from this metal are scarce. Nonetheless, searching for gold scraps is exciting, and you will get good rewards for them. Other than searching for gold in a jewellery box, you can explore other options, including cell phones, old smoke detectors, heat insulators, cloth embroidery (often added as a thread) and toners.


Brass is a common metal that's found in or around residential or commercial buildings, just like aluminium. Most items like bed frames, doorknobs and cutlery contain brass. You may also find brass in your old electrical wiring system.

For more information on scrap metal recycling, reach out to a local recycling facility.